Georgia Rivers Recognized as "Great Waters"

America’s Great Waters Coalition added a new list of water ways to its catalogue of Great Waters.  The list includes, among others, the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin:

The ACF River Basin … [is] ecologically and historically rich, and bring[s] new geographic presence and diversity to the Coalition.  The ACF River System spans over 19,600 square miles and flows from the Blue Ridge Mountains, through Atlanta, and south to rural landscapes throughout Georgia, Alabama, and Florida before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico ….

While the Great Waters vary in geographic location and physical characteristics, they are plagued by similar problems such as pollution, altered water flows, habitat loss and destruction, invasive species, climate change, and more,” said Adam Kolton, co-chair for the America’s Great Waters Coalition and senior director of congressional and federal affairs at the National Wildlife Federation.  “Federal support for restoration work is essential for protecting these important waterways.” 

The ACF is the subject of quite a bit of controversy.  The focus of the so-called Water Wars, control of the ACF waters has been a subject of litigation in federal courts for years and might eventually be decided by the US Supreme Court.  From providing drinking water to metro Atlanta to maintaining habitat for endangered mussels, the waters of the ACF are in great demand.  Further, the ACF Basin is the site of numerous hydroelectric dams whose licenses from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, I’m told, are set to expire soon.  In other words, the ACF River Basin is quite the interesting place.


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