Yeah, I Turned out the Light

I’ve been playing with seeds lately, trying to grow something that I can eat, not that I’ll ever eat any of it.  I’ve planted a few herbs (oregano, lavender, and chamomile), some greens (mustard greens), roots (carrots), tiny pumpkins, and for looking at, some columbines.

The columbines were the last to sprout, which surprised me.  I was happy that they decided to pop up, especially given the fact that I had given up on them.  The lavender had the longest germination time stated on the packet, and the columbines might have been one of the shortest.  I could look it up to be sure, but I don’t care that much.  Nevertheless, I grabbed the columbine seed pack because the cover had a pretty picture and said “shade.”  Given my lack of direct sunlight, I figured that would make them maybe the most successful of the seeds I’ve bought, but instead, the pumpkins are winning.  I thought squash loved sun?

I keep my little seed tray under a florescent light thanks to advice I heard from Mike McGrath on public radio’s “You Bet Your Garden.”  It’s a fun show, so give it a listen.  He suggests using a shop light with two or even four long tube lights.  To make sure the plants get enough light, he urges growers to run the two-tube set ups 24 hours a day!  Wow!  If plants don’t get enough light, they get long and leggy in their desperate search for sunshine (I grew an epic coleus in a bathroom for a few years that could attest to that), but still, I can’t get used to leaving my little light (just one CFL!) on for all the day.  I know they don’t use a lot of energy, and they stay cool.  If I left my apartment without turning off the light, though, I think I might start twitching.

It’s how I was raised.


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