Rambling through the Dogwoods

Atlanta held its annual Dogwood Festival, the country’s largest arts festival, this weekend.  I was free and have parking at my office about a block from Piedmont Park, the site of the festival, so I decided to wander down to see what it was all about.  I had a blast.

I didn’t look at much of the art.  The festival was packed, and the booths were full.  With no unattended bags around, I just wandered through the park and the crowd enjoying the day.  Advertising promised gyros, and I wasn’t disappointed, even if one cost $9 — such is the price of a festival.

In addition to the art and food, the festival also featured rides and live music.  One band, I was told, was featured on an episode of Conan that was recently recorded in Atlanta.

The friend who told me about the saw them at that recording of Conan.  The friend I hadn’t seen since college, just about five years ago.  I had passed her not long after I got to the park.  I saw her from behind and at an angle, so I wasn’t sure it was her.  I went on my way, not thinking much about it, but when I was almost ready to leave, I saw her again.  She saw me too, so we stopped to make sure we knew what we had thought we had seen.

We hung out for a while.  It was fun.  Thank you, Dogwood Festival.


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