Reversible Toll Lanes Planned for Georgia

Apparently Georgia officials think there isn’t enough madness on Georgia roads.  Georgia Public Broadcasting reports that the state is planning new “barrier-separated, reversible lanes” south of Atlanta.  The roads will come with a toll, so they’ll probably be less traveled than the current HOV lanes currently wasting space on city freeways.

I was sitting in traffic this afternoon just north of the city wondering how long I could hold my foot on the brake before my muscles gave out when a green Kia Soul came speeding up the shoulder to my right.  Clearly, something needs to be done to help move people around Atlanta if this city is ever going to become the world-class metropolis that it has the potential to be, but I don’t know if innovative (is that a good word?) traffic patterns are the answer.  I mean, people seem to have enough trouble working the old-fashioned, static lanes we already have.

The Southern Environmental Law Center’s Junction ATL Blog describes Atlanta’s traffic situation.  In a post here, the blogs claims:

Atlanta was literally the worst city examined for the ability to access jobs within 10 or 20 minutes.  Its ranking gradually improves as the trips get longer and overall Atlanta is roughly in the middle of the pack.

And here, the blog notes that managed lanes only benefit about 2-4% of drivers.


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