Bees & Nukes — Two Movie Reviews from the NY Times

The homepage of the New York Times featured reviews for two environmental documentaries today.  Since Roger Ebert died, I don’t know who to trust to tell me what movies I should see (when I watch a trailer, I feel satisfied I’ve gotten everything the movie has to offer, and I’ll live just fine knowing I may never learn what subtleties the plot of “The Lone Ranger” might achieve beyond its trailer).

I enjoy reading good film criticism.  I’m pleased by seeing people discuss the dominant art-form of our time as art, a feat the Times doesn’t always accomplish, but since they included two environmental documentaries on the their homepage today, I thought I’d mention them here.

First, a review of “Pandora’s Promise,” which reviewer Manohla Dargis describes as a “parade of like-minded nuclear-power advocates who assure us that everything will be all right.”  Doesn’t sound like something I’ll be searching out.  I read an interesting thought about nuclear energy once.  It said that if the Ancient Romans had nuclear power that we’d still be caring for their nuclear waste today, assuming no one misplaced it during the Dark Ages.

Second, Stephen Holden reviews “More than Honey,” a film about bees and the threat of colony collapse disorder.  It’s written and directed by a descendant of Alpine beekeepers!  Talk about understanding your subject, this apiarist seems to have produced an edifying documentary.

No offense intended towards these reviewers, I miss Ebert.


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