Capitol Agriculture, Then and Now


On a recent trip to Washington, DC, I stumbled across the USDA People’s Garden located just outside the USDA headquarters by the National Mall.  A small farmers’ market was being held that evening.  It was nice, even if it was lacking any farmers.

Lately, I’ve been wondering how the Founding Fathers would have employed the language of sustainability.  I attended a panel at Georgia State University a week or so ago that discussed Bhutan’s recently ratified constitution and praised that constitution for its inclusion of environmental protection principles.  One panelist seemed to criticize the US constitution for not doing the same.  The Bhutanese constitution was drafted a few years ago.  The US constitution, of course, was written in an entirely different historical context, and the language of sustainability hadn’t been invented when it was written.  Nevertheless, the Founding Fathers had a deep connection to the land.

Here are a couple of pictures from Mount Vernon illustrating George Washington’s connection to the land:




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