A Colorful Autumn Harvest

Fall is a time to celebrate the harvest, but in this season of seed setting, especially here in Atlanta, the natural world still provides plenty of color.  After all, you have to grow a flower before you can set a seed.  Here are some blooms from my garden.

A sweet-smelling gardenia from the second set of blooms this year.

I’ll not bother with the new potted mums we just bought to help usher in the golden warmth of the season.  Instead, enjoy some of our more permanent residents.

A hosta readies for a show against a backdrop of fallen leaves.

They’re not ready for fall colors yet.

A swath of vibrant azaleas.

But instead blaze forward with the dawning vitality of spring.  It’s not some sort of midlife crisis but a reminder that any time is appropriate to savor the simple happiness of youth.

A purple hydrangea catches pine needles.
A white and blue hydrangea in a nest of leaves and needles.

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